Media Trainer Shares Message Delivery Lessons Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tips on How to Deliver a Powerful Message from a Media Trainer

Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the course of history, not only in the U.S., but around the world. His words of inspiration and powerful speeches are still shared on a daily basis, quite often by people who were not even around when he was alive, because he knew how to deliver a powerful message.

What makes Martin Luther King, Jr. so quotable and memorable is a combination of the content of his speeches, his vocal style and his body language.

Anyone who is trying to create an impact in the world can learn from this man, but you must do it in your own way. While many might argue that the world needs more people just like Martin Luther King, Jr., the world also needs people just like you. READ MORE

How to Commit to the Moment, Advice from a Media Trainer and Communication Expert

How to Commit to the Moment, Advice from a Media Trainer and Communication Expert“Committing to the moment” is something almost any acting student hears over and over again. However, anyone who speaks publicly or who is interviewed by the media can also benefit from creating a practice to help them commit to the moment.

Ideally, in any interview or presentation situation, you want to be completely engaged. The moment you stop listening or being fully present, even for a nanosecond, you risk missing an important point or not answering a question as eloquently as you’d like.

When you truly commit to the moment, with the understanding that every time you are being interviewed by the media or speaking to a group that is your only opportunity to reach your audience with your message at that precise time in history, you will be effective and you will have few regrets. READ MORE

Does the Way You Talk About Yourself Help or Hinder You? Communication Tips from a Media Trainer

How to Communicate Your Story, Tips from a Communication Expert and Media Trainer

Does the way you talk about yourself help or hinder you - blog post by Media Trainer Lisa Elia of Expert Medai training in Los Angeles and worldwideQuite often we’re unaware of the little ways in which we tell people exactly what we think of ourselves. I’ve heard people say things like, “It’s been such a tough year; we’re really struggling,” or “Well, I have a little business I run out of my living room,” or “I’m just getting started so my business is really small.”

Just hearing yourself say those words aloud reinforces small, limited thinking and a self-image that isn’t as professional or successful as the image you’d probably like to have of yourself. While you don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not, you can frame things in a way that’s more proactive, positive and expansive. READ MORE

Ace Every Presentation or Press Conference – Tips from a Media Trainer and Speaker

Before you make any presentation—whether it’s on the phone, in person or via Skype—or deliver your message at a press conference, the best thing you can do is to prepare yourself.

Once you’ve prepared your presentation, polish it, refine it and rehearse it again. Great presentations lead to sales, joint partnerships and prosperity!

Ace Every Presentation or Press Conference - Presentation Delivery Tips from a Media Trainer and Speaker Presentation delivery tip #1:  Establish your goal.

Think about your reason for making this presentation. For example: Are you trying to establish a connection with a new person or group of people who could become clients, referral sources or associates? Or, are you trying to sell them something? READ MORE

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