Our Founder & Lead Trainer Lisa Elia

Media Trainer ● Presentation Trainer ● Pitch Coach ● Speaker
Lisa Elia helps clients elevate their communication, shaping the messages and refining delivery for maximum impact.
Clients include CEOs, subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys, athletes, actors, music artists, authors, attorneys, chefs and other public figures.


Lisa Elia, Founder & Lead Media Trainer & Presentation Trainer at Expert Media Training®


Lisa Elia built her brand as a media trainer and PR expert through the successes she created for clients, taking those who were unknown or who had very little prior press coverage, and catapulting them into the national spotlight with appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CNN and other top national TV shows, as well as print and radio interviews with Clear Channel Radio, USA Today, People, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, and hundreds of other outlets.

She has prepared clients for media interviews with outlets such as the ones listed below as we well as important public speeches, presentations and investor pitches.

Expert Media Training™’s lead media trainer Lisa Elia has prepared clients for interviews with Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Entertainment Tonight, and hundreds of other outlets.

From an early point in her career, which began after she earned her bachelor’s degree in communication with a public relations focus from the University of Delaware in the ‘80s, Lisa’s clients have turned to her for business advice and strategies that extended far beyond those provided by a media trainer or PR professional. Her training is always conducted with deep thought given to the client’s goals, brand and initiatives.

In the mid-90s, clients began requesting her training to prepare for speeches, presentations and investor pitches. Eventually, Lisa shifted her focus solely to training, where her business savvy, deep knowledge of the media, and understanding of communication and psychology enable her to train clients to deliver their messages confidently, clearly and compellingly.

Known to many who have seen her sharing her expertise on Entertainment TonightThe InsiderE! EntertainmentFoxNews.com or in Inc., or on the thousands of stages from which she has spoken over the years, Lisa has firsthand knowledge of the situations her clients encounter.

Lisa is comfortable working with people who have heavy accents, and she is sensitive to the influences that cultural differences have on a client's communication style. She gained exposure to people from all over the world during her formative years, when as a child she and her family lived in Geneva, Switzerland and traveled throughout Europe. Educating and training people to make sure their step into the spotlight is smooth and effective is her passion.

Nonprofit organizations that Lisa is involved with include DEFY Ventures, Minds Matter, PeaceNow, and Youth Business Alliance, among others.

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We're Kind, But Will Challenge You

Expert Media Training - Led by Media Trainer and Presentation Trainer Lisa EliaWe are sensitive to how vulnerable some people may feel during training, so our approach is gentle, proactive and positive. However, we continue to provide refinements and feedback to help training participants reach their personal best in terms of message delivery, nonverbal behavior and energy, and staying on point with the strategy behind their responses to even the toughest questions. We are kind, but will challenge you to be your best.


Our Strategic Approach

Strategy is at the heart of the training at Expert Media Training®The best media trainers and presentation trainers do far more than just improve performance and delivery; they also help clients create strategies and messaging that will move them toward the achievement of their goals.

All of the clients we train, whether actors, athletes, executives or thought leaders, are in business in one form or another. Even if they don’t think of themselves as business people, we know that there is a business aspect at the core of almost any public figure’s interviews and presentations.Read More


Camera Operators and Support Team

Learn about the team at Expert Media Training™

Our Trusted Camera Operators

We work with several trusted professional videographers to capture your sessions on camera, ensuring a distraction-free training session and quick delivery of your training-session videos.


Every team member who works with Expert Media Training in any capacity, from support staff to camera operators, to trainers, signs a confidentiality agreement. It's important that our clients feel free to share freely, confident in the knowledge that what happens in our sessions stays in our sessions.

Expert Media Training® is registered with several government agencies and qualified to act as a government contractor or subcontractor. The firm is certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and a Community Business Enterprise (CBE), certified by the County of Los Angeles.

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