Media training and presentation training from Media Trainer and Presentation Trainer Lisa EliaOur media training sessions go beyond correcting the style of one’s delivery and creating good sound bites. We work with clients to ensure that they are prepared to deliver messages that will enable them to attract the opportunities they seek and attain or maintain the positions they want to hold in their respective markets.



Learn the ins and outs of working with the media so you know what to expect, how to create strong media relationships and how to make the most of every media opportunity.

Have compelling, memorable messages to share in interviews.

Look and feel comfortable and confident on camera and in any interview situation.

Become a go-to source for the media.

Delivering the most effective presentations, speeches or investor pitches requires slightly different communication skills than those that are needed for media interviews. We work with clients to help them capture and keep the audience’s attention. For clients that come to us to help them develop their speeches and pitches, we collaborate with them to create a fascinating journey to lead the audience to the desired destination.



Command and hold the audience’s attention.

Decide which content to keep and which to discard for maximum impact (if you need help in this area).

Be prepared to handle challenging questions and interruptions with poise and grace.

Inspire and activate your audience.


Lisa Elia, Founder & Lead Media Trainer & Presentation Trainer at Expert Media Training®


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What Our Clients Say

“Lisa Elia at Expert Media training has been instrumental in preparing our leadership team to tackle interviews across all mediums (live TV broadcasts, recorded TV, print and digital media). Her friendly, but firm, training has helped to reshape the way we think about speaking to journalists - focusing on clear, concise answers to the journalist’s line of questioning as well as how to get our core message out to consumers even when not prompted to do so. The best part is once training is complete, Lisa doesn’t just leave you hanging. There is always opportunity for further follow up and analysis to continue to improve our PR and media efforts.”

Jeff Bishop

Director of Marketplace Operations,

"After working with Lisa, I have gained the confidence and awareness to convey my message in a clear way, no matter the setting. She even improved my everyday conversation skills! Lisa listens attentively, will push you to your best, and she's truly a master of her craft. What a game changer!"

Emily Williams

Founder, Bo's Fine Foods

“I utilized Lisa’s personal media training for numerous appearances on KTLA 5 and KCAL 9/CBS (for cooking segments), and it was invaluable. I had the confidence to create rapport with four television anchors while talking about a myriad of dishes AND feeding them, all in five minutes. Lisa is so detailed and experienced that the anchors asked the exact questions she worked on with me! I also trained with Lisa to prepare for shooting complex cooking videos for my website. Her incredibly upbeat attitude and gentle manner make everything seem effortless and fun. The way she trains with you is remarkable – she helps you to define yourself, your message, your tone, and present your authentic self to your audience. I think of Lisa as my success coach. I look forward to my sessions with her because I know she is going to make me look fantastic. I highly recommend that you hire Lisa to get you into shape for your next media or corporate appearance. She is a delight to work with and you will be grateful for the outcome. It has made all the difference to me and my brand.”

Chef Eric Crowley

Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom

"If you are looking to set yourself apart from others on stage you must work with Lisa. I can't say enough amazing things about her, she is a life changer. Presenting on stage can be scary, she takes that fear, flips it on its head, and creates a message you will be excited to deliver!

“When I met Lisa she was being interviewed for a press publication. I was so impressed by her in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to present and be comfortable on stage, not to mention her strategy on public speaking that feels comfortable and unique to you. I immediately asked her to coach me and I received even more than I have ever imagined!

Lisa not only guided me on being a better speaker and presenter, she helped me flesh out my signature speech in such and elegant, organized, and easy-to-understand process. I never imagined I could have such a powerful speech so quickly and easily. I had tried before on my own and felt all over the place, I had even taken online courses to help with this and had nothing to show for it. Lisa made me feel understood, comfortable, and excited about presenting. 

The best part is she pointed out all of the little things I do that take away from my on-stage presence. She did this in such a fluid, polite, and compassionate way that I was thrilled. The things she pointed out were very subtle but made a huge difference in my on stage presence. She even explained why I do the things that weren't working, what the audience perceives, how to correct it, and how to avoid it in the future. 

If you are looking to set yourself apart from others on stage you must work with Lisa. I can't say enough amazing things about her, she is a life changer. Presenting on stage can be scary, she takes that fear, flips it on its head, and creates a message you will be excited to deliver!

Sandy Grigsby

Personal Branding Photographer & Founder, Brio Five




Three Key Elements of Great Media Training and Presentation Training

Great media training and presentation training incorporates three key elements: solid business strategy, a thorough understanding of the media, and a deep understanding of human behavior.

Three Key Elements of Great Media Training and Presentation Training by Media Trainer and Presentation Trainer Lisa Elia of Expert Media Training

A media trainer whose only knowledge is of the media, versus a media trainer that also possesses a solid background that includes business strategy, is what makes the difference between a client’s media interview that goes relatively well, and one that makes a real and significant impact on brand positioning and the bottom line.

A presentation trainer who is only looking at your style of delivery and word choices may miss the opportunity to help you make small adjustments that could vastly increase the power of your speech or presentation and the results it produces.

Business strategy is an integral part of our training programs.

All of the clients we train, whether they are actors, athletes, executives or thought leaders, are in business. Even if they don’t think of themselves as business people, we know that there is a business aspect at the core of almost any public figure’s interviews and presentations.

We work with the client, and sometimes the client’s staff or publicity or management team, to get a clear understanding of the client’s overall goals and desired positioning. This ensures that when we train and provide corrections and messaging direction, the client’s responses to questions, key message points and behavior is in sync with the direction of the client’s career, company or endeavor.


We understand that many people who are comfortable in other situations are not always at their best in the unnatural setting that is a media interview or an on-stage presentation.

Many people who become media trainers or provide speaker training are former journalists or professional speakers who don’t understand how nervous most people can become prior to media interviews. We work with clients to help them create strategies and messaging that will move them toward the achievement of their goals.

When working with clients, Lisa and our team members are sensitive to the vulnerability that participants may feel during training, so our approach is gentle, proactive, and positive. With that being said, Lisa will continue providing refinements and feedback to help training participants reach their personal best in terms of message delivery, nonverbal behavior and energy, and staying on point with the strategy behind their responses to even the toughest questions.

Over the years, we have trained thousands of clients for interviews, public appearances, investor presentations, and important video presentations.

Although we are a Los Angeles media training and presentation company, we travel for some of our training sessions, and we deliver some media training programs via videoconferencing. We tailor our media training programs and presentation training programs to the individual’s or group’s needs.

Expert Media Training® is registered with several government agencies and qualified to act as a government contractor or subcontractor. The firm is certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and a Community Business Enterprise (CBE), certified by the County of Los Angeles.

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