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Clear, accurate and consistent communication is the backbone of any good organization. We provide communication consulting services to ensure that the right messages are shared the right way, at the right time.

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Communication Consulting from Lisa Elia of Expert Media Training
Communication Consulting

Effective communication is at the heart of the most successful companies, organizations and movements.


People Hire Us for Communication Consulting to:

• ensure communication reflects the company culture

• provide a professional development perk to entice or retain valuable employees

• prepare individuals or teams to communicate effectively in sales meetings/calls, at trade shows and during panel participation

• improve employees’ or team members’ communication skills for internal and external presentations

• clarify key messages and modify them to suit the needs of various individuals, departments or situations

• and to prepare for media interviews, crisis situations and other high-stakes situations


For many of our clients, our communication consulting services include a blend of strategy, message development and the coaching of individuals and/or teams. We can incorporate media training, presentation training and/or pitch coaching into our communication programs as well.

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Whether you want to gain a clearer picture of current communication patterns that exist in your company, define desired communications or create processes and checks in place to maintain elevated communication standards, we’re here to help.

Our founder Lisa Elia leads our communication consulting. She brings more than 25 years of experience in the field of communication, including running her successful public relations firm, creating communication processes for clients to manage everything from customer service to crisis communications. Her success as a media and presentation trainer and investor pitch coach is due, in part, to her deep knowledge of communication and human behavior.

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