Pitching Investors Now

Shifts in the economy have made many investors more cautious. This can still be a great time to pitch to investors as long as you’re prepared for:

 ∙ greater scrutiny over your business concept and model;

 ∙ more rigid requirements and tougher questions about your financials;

 ∙ and the expectation that you will be able to deliver your presentation seamlessly and effectively either in person or via video conference.

We can prepare you to pitch to investors powerfully and confidently, whether your raising your first round or later rounds of funding.


Investor pitch coaching from Expert Media Training®

What Investors Look For

When investors are deciding where to put their money, they are looking for a person or team who they believe will deliver. You have about 10 seconds to show them that you are that person or team and a few minutes after that to show them that you have a viable, scalable idea.

Your communication style will be one of the greatest determining factors in whether or not funding is secured. You must convey confidence, passion and intelligence to make the deal. Savvy investors notice nearly every aspect of nonverbal communication, looking for congruity between your words, your body language and your vocal cues. Addressing the questions that you know are in the minds of investors throughout your presentation shows forethought, organization and the all-important awareness of what’s in it for them.

If you want to feel confident that your investor pitch is as strong as it can be, we’re here to help.

About Investor Pitch Coach Lisa Elia

Investor Pitch Coach Lisa Elia prepares clients to effectively and confidently pitch to investors.Over the past 25 years, Lisa has provided investor pitch coaching to clients who have raised millions of dollars from venture capitalists, angel investors, pitch competitions, and other sources. With a background running her own successful public relations firm in Los Angeles and training clients to face financial media and investors, she knows how to prepare clients for challenging questions and tough interviewers.


Our Process

In your investor pitch coaching program, Lisa will:

• research you, your company, your industry and related news just as investors will so she can provide meaningful recommendations and feedback and develop a list of questions investors might ask (beyond the standard ones);

• review your pitch deck to ensure all key elements are covered clearly and optimally;

If you don’t have a deck yet, she can provide recommendations to create your deck and/or connect you with partners who can create your deck for you.

• coach you on all aspects of your delivery to ensure you convey the confidence, authority, and warmth that investors seek in a founder or executive they are considering backing;

• drill you with questions as investors will do, and then help you prepare solid responses to each question;

• and provide you with techniques to focus your mind and calm your energy any time you need to do so.

Clients leave the training feeling prepared, confident, and ready to impress investors.

A Few Success Stories


Sashee Chandran, Founder & CEO, Tea Drops

Sashee Chandran - Founder and CEO of Tea Drops“Lisa is an all-star pitch coach! She is incredibly thorough when it comes to giving feedback to enhance your presentation and spares no detail. I specifically appreciate how she’ll take the time to comb through your content and take the seat of the audience to ensure no stone is left unturned in your pitch. She is a very calming presence which puts you at ease, and is extremely generous with her time and expertise. She truly wants the best for her clients and is the consummate professional in her field.”


Nonny de la Peña, Founder & CEO, Emblematic Group 

“Absolutely thrilled to have own first place for tech at the Women Founders Network fast pitch for REACH.Love! The other women all had amazing companies, so I am beyond honored and what an experience including my amazing pitch coach Lisa Elia.”


Case Study, IPO

Meeting - Investor Pitch Coach Lisa EliaThree C-suite executives came to me for help preparing them for an IPO. English was a second language for all three of these men, and they had never pitched to American investors. We worked on their content and delivery and, because of my background in public relations, I was able to help them flesh out their marketing/PR plan. They raised the $50 million they were seeking within two weeks.


Lucie Dawson, Founder, Templa App

Lucie Dawson, Founder of Templa App, client of Investor Pitch Coach & Media Trainer Lisa Elia“I couldn’t recommend Lisa Elia enough. Lisa gave me the confidence I needed to break down any blocks and limiting beliefs I had around my pitch delivery and ability to articulate my message and tone. She is an empowering, thoughtful, and astute coach who does her research and has been supporting me in my fundraising efforts for my start-up, TEMPLA. I will continue to work with her as our company grows.”


Celine Zhou, Founder & Owner, Delight Patisserie

Celine Zhou - Founder and Owner of Delight Patisserie - client of Investor Pitch Coach Lisa Elia“It was such a pleasure to work with Lisa! I had an opportunity to pitch to some investors, but English is not my first language. One of my business friends strongly recommended Lisa to me, and she was right, Lisa is great! Lisa prepared a full list of questions that the investors may ask and went through them one by one with me to make sure I feel comfortable and confident to answer. After each session, Lisa would send me feedback to list the points I needed to practice. Lisa is very patient, and I am grateful to have her to guide me through the process. It’s a great investment!”

Sashee Chandran, Founder and CEO of Tea Drops, shared her experience receiving coaching from Expert Media Training’s Lisa Elia which led her to take the #1 spot in both the Women Founders Network Competition (winning a $20K prize) and the Top 10 Female Entrepreneur 2018 Tory Burch Foundation Fellowship (winning a $100K prize).

To read the entire article, click this link or paste it into your browser:

“Congratulations to Nonny de la Peña of Emblematic Group for winning first prize in tech in the Women Founders Network Fast Pitch Competition 2022.

It was a pleasure and honor to coach Nonny who is known as ‘the godmother of virtual reality’ and is focused on making VR more accessible and affordable for everyone.”

– Lisa Elia

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