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Great investor pitches take people on a journey that is fluid, engaging and full of interesting stops along the way, with the final destination being a decision.
Making the decision to invest in your company an easy one is the purpose of our pitch coaching.

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Investor Pitch Coach Lisa Elia


Lisa Elia, the founder of Expert Media Training, has provided investor pitch coaching to clients who have raised millions of dollars from venture capitalists, angel investors, pitch competitions and other sources. She draws upon her decades of experience as a media trainer, presentation trainer and public speaker to help clients become the most effective and dynamic presenters they can be.



In your investor pitch coaching program, Lisa Elia will:

• review your pitch deck to ensure all key elements are covered clearly

• coach you on all aspects of your delivery to ensure you convey the confidence investors seek in an entrepreneur

• drill you with questions as investors will do, and then help you prepare solid responses to each question

• provide you with techniques to focus and calm your energy any time you need to do so


Clients leave the training feeling prepared, confident and ready to impress investors.

Investor pitch coaching from Expert Media Training®You have probably read or heard many investors say they invest in the individual as much as the concept itself (sometimes more), whether it’s the person heading up a startup or the CEO of a larger organization. When investors are deciding where to put their money, they are looking for the people who they believe will deliver. You have about 10 seconds to show them that you are that person and a few minutes after that to show them that you have a viable, scalable idea.

Assuming the CEO is making the investor pitches, his or her communication style will be one of the greatest determining factors in whether or not funding is secured. If the individual does not convey confidence, passion and intelligence, there will likely be no deal. Savvy investors notice nearly every aspect of nonverbal communication, looking for congruity with the words that are being spoken.

The content and organization of the pitch remains very important. Addressing the questions that you know are in the minds of investors throughout your presentation shows forethought, organization and the all-important awareness of what’s in it for them.

If you’re not positive that your investor pitch is as strong as it can be, pitch coaching can help.

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