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Lisa-Elia-Media-Trainer-Presentation-Trainer,-Speech-Coach,-Pitch-Coach---Serving-Clients-in-Los-Angeles-and-WorldwideThe best speakers and presenters craft messages and communicate in a way that meets the audience where they are, serves their goals and needs, and feels authentic.

Over the past 25 years, we have prepared thousands of clients for keynote speeches, internal and external presentations, TED Talks, investor pitches, media interviews, and other public appearances. We take a comprehensive approach to training that includes strategy, messaging, mindset, and all aspects of delivery. Many of our clients come to us to help them develop or shape their content as well.

Having spoken on stages and delivered thousands of speeches and presentations, I have firsthand knowledge of what goes into public speaking. I teach my clients the lessons, techniques, and tips I wish I had had when I was just starting out.

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Lisa Elia, Founder and Lead Trainer at Expert Media Training




Knowing that time is the most precious thing in most people’s lives, we use our client’s time well and coach you to consider how you can make the most of every moment of your audience’s time when you’re addressing them.

Our training is interactive and practical, and it brings out the best in each individual. We know people can feel vulnerable when working on their communication skills, so we are encouraging and positive while challenging clients to reach their highest levels as speakers and presenters. 

Approach & Outcomes

Many people underestimate the precision and practice that precedes the speeches, interviews and presentations that are the most engaging, effective, and impactful.

Careful thought must go into determining which facts, stories, and words of inspiration should be shared, and how, where and when they should be communicated. Maybe you have this part of your communication handled. If not, we can help you with message development and clarification.

Once your messaging is clarified, it’s time to master your content and polish your delivery.

We will prepare you for the demands and specific requirements to shine in the various situations you will encounter, whether you will be speaking from a stage, presenting to the board, investors, or customers, or preparing for another public appearance.

You will leave our training with knowledge, specific techniques to prepare your material and yourself, and experience delivering your content effectively and naturally. You will have elevated the communication skills that enable you to consistently deliver clear, memorable content with confidence and magnetism.

Our Process

Our work together begins with a discussion of your goals and how to achieve them through your content and communication style. The structure of your program will depend on what is required to develop the skills you will need to achieve your goals as well as your time constraints and other factors. Our programs are customized, but they typically include these elements:






What Our Clients Say

"Lisa Elia’s expert coaching helped me to show up in a powerful way for my very first public speaking engagement in front of an audience of 40,000+ women. Lisa’s approach was everything I needed to meet the expectations of this women’s empowerment conference. The resources that Lisa provided served as a strong anchor in preparation right up to the moment I set foot on that stage. Working with Lisa each week challenged me to grow and to evolve in ways that I would not have ever imagined before now. I am beyond grateful for Lisa’s guidance, expertise, and support throughout this process."

Natalie Sampson

DPT and Founder, Symmetry Physical Therapy & Wellness

“I worked with Lisa to develop and polish a keynote and she was a phenomenal presentation coach. Lisa created a safe, inviting atmosphere to practice and provided direct, specific, constructive feedback – ranging from strategic to tactical – that dramatically elevated both the quality of my presentation and my presence. I recommend her highly!”

Dina Denham Smith

Executive Coach & Owner, Cognitas Coaching

“If you are looking to set yourself apart from others on stage you must work with Lisa. I can’t say enough amazing things about her, she is a life changer. Presenting on stage can be scary, she takes that fear, flips it on its head, and creates a message you will be excited to deliver!

Lisa not only guided me on being a better speaker and presenter, she helped me flesh out my signature speech in such an elegant, organized, and easy-to-understand process. I never imagined I could have such a powerful speech so quickly and easily. I had tried before on my own and felt all over the place, I had even taken online courses to help with this and had nothing to show for it. Lisa made me feel understood, comfortable, and excited about presenting. 

The best part is she pointed out all of the little things I do that take away from my on-stage presence. She did this in such a fluid, polite, and compassionate way that I was thrilled. The things she pointed out were very subtle but made a huge difference in my on stage presence. She even explained why I do the things that weren’t working, what the audience perceives, how to correct it, and how to avoid it in the future.”

Sandy Grigsby

Personal Branding Photographer & Founder, Brio Five

"As a first time entrepreneur, I was overwhelmed by the thought of interviews and media engagements.  After working with Lisa, I have gained the confidence and awareness to convey my message in a clear way, no matter the setting.  She even improved my everyday conversation skills!  Lisa listens attentively, will push you to your best, and she's truly a master of her craft.  What a game changer!"

Emily Williams

Founder, Bo's Fine Foods

"Clients will undoubtedly benefit from Expert Media Training's powerful and practical tips and tactics--not only for media training, but, for effective communication in other professional contexts. For individuals devoted to improving their ability to communicate effectively on- and off-camera, Expert Media Training is an outstanding choice."

Phillip Buchanon

Former NFL Cornerback and Author of New Money Staying Rich

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From Our Founder

Making Great Presentations


When you’re on stage, you’re the host, the leader and the bringer of information, solutions, joy or enlightenment. What is the experience you will create for your guests?

Making great presentations begins with creating a strong opening. As the presenter or speaker, you set the tone for what’s going to happen for the duration of your presentation. This is true even if your presentation follows others or will be followed by others.

Consider how you will keep your audience engaged and what you want them to think, feel and/or do during and after your presentation. Even when speaking about seemingly dry topics, look for ways to connect emotions and humanity to them. For example, if you’re talking about a new technology, in addition to talking about the features and immediate benefits you can talk about what these benefits mean to the user’s life or to the world.

Streamlining your content is crucial. If you view your presentation as a journey, it’s important to be clear on where you want the journey to end and what the important stops or sites are along the way. Everything you say should be relevant or add color, humor or intrigue to the journey. Avoid tangents or asides that may distract your audience. End your presentation strongly with a memorable statement or thought. Sometimes your strong beginning and strong ending emerge as you practice presenting your content.

Once your content is structured, study it and practice presenting it. I’m not a proponent of word-for-word memorized presentations except in cases such as a TED Talk, which is timed and very specific. For most situations, it’s enough to present the concepts, not the exact wording, of your presentation.

Practice delivering your presentation at performance level multiple times. Many people believe that reading and studying their content will prepare them, but there is a big difference between knowing something and communicating it effectively. Furthermore, it is during the practice of your presentation that you may discover which parts of your content feel right and what needs tweaking.

Create good habits to help you be at your best when it’s time to present. There are things you can do in your daily life and immediately before presenting that will help you to manage nervousness and feel confident, centered and focused. I give my clients some techniques and help them find the formula that works best for them.

One of the most important things to remember is to stay out of self-judgment mode when you’re presenting. If your mind is flipping back and forth between communicating with your audience and judging yourself, you will lose your power and effectiveness. Stay focused on your mission, your message and your audience.

Lisa Elia


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