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For over 20 years we’ve been helping clients shape their messages and deliver them clearly and confidently in media interviews, presentations, pitches and other high-stakes situations.

Expert Media Training provides media training, presentation training, investor pitch coaching and communication consulting.

Get Ready

Butterflies in the stomach, excitement, anticipation — these are all feelings you might have before taking the stage, stepping into a media interview or getting ready to face investors.

Clear, confident and ready for anything — this is what most people want to feel, but don’t, in such situations.

Like anything else worth doing, presenting yourself publicly is worth doing right. Most people underestimate the precision and practice that precedes the speeches, interviews and presentations that are the most engaging, effective and seemingly natural.

Knowing a lot about a topic is not the same as being able to verbalize your thoughts about it.

Careful thought must go into determining facts, stories and words of inspiration should be shared, and where and when they should be shared.

We’re here to help.

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Our Founder and Lead Trainer Lisa Elia brings to her training more than 20 years of experience facilitating dramatic transformations in clients’ communications. She prepares clients to excel in media interviews, public speeches, investor pitches, panels, and other situations that require magnetism and polished, effective communication skills.

Some of the media outlets for which Lisa has prepared clients for interviews include:

Expert Media Training™ has trained clients for interviews with major media outlets that include Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, TIME, Clear Channel Radio and many other outlets.

Expert Media Training provides customized media training, presentation training, pitch coaching and communication consulting services.

What would you like to do?

Whether you’re seeking media training for yourself, a client or your team, your needs are specific to you.

We will customize your training based on what will serve you best. Following are some of the outcomes we produce for clients.


Prepare to Excel in Media Interviews

Learn the ins and outs of working with the media so you know what to expect, how to create strong media relationships and how to make the most of every media opportunity.

Have compelling, memorable messages to share in interviews.

Look and feel comfortable and confident on camera and in any interview situation.

Become a go-to source for the media.


Polish Public Speaking, Presentation or Pitching Skills

Know how to command and hold the attention of the room.

Understand which content to keep and which to discard for maximum impact (if you need help in this area).

Be prepared to handle challenging questions and interruptions with poise and grace.

Inspire and activate your audience.


Improve Communication Skills Within Your Organization

Get a clear picture of current communication patterns and define desired communications.

 Understand how to shift to more proactive, effective ways of communicating.

Have processes and checks in place to maintain elevated communication standards.


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“Lisa Elia at Expert Media training has been instrumental in preparing our leadership team to tackle interviews across all mediums (live TV broadcasts, recorded TV, print and digital media). Her friendly, but firm, training has helped to reshape the way we think about speaking to journalists – focusing on clear, concise answers to the journalist’s line of questioning as well as how to get our core message out to consumers even when not prompted to do so. The best part is once training is complete, Lisa doesn’t just leave you hanging. There is always opportunity for further follow up and analysis to continue to improve our PR and media efforts.” Jeff Bishop

Director of Marketplace Operations,

“Lisa is an all-star pitch coach! She is incredibly thorough when it comes to giving feedback to enhance your presentation and spares no detail. I specifically appreciate how she’ll take the time to comb through your content and take the seat of the audience to ensure no stone is left unturned in your pitch. She is a very calming presence which puts you at ease, and is extremely generous with her time and expertise. She truly wants the best for her clients and is the consummate professional in her field.” Sashee Chandran

Founder and CEO, Tea Drops

"Lisa Elia is a communication expert with a keen sense for communicating succinctly and effectively with business audiences. Expert Media Training’s frameworks and tools for verbal and non-verbal communication are useful in all aspects of business operations and Lisa does a great job of helping us assimilate them in our business operations. We are grateful to consider Lisa Elia our mentor and friend due the dedicated passion she provides her clients."

Madhavi Marigold Muppala

CEO, WeReach

Our Approach

Expert Media Training blog, written by Media Trainer and Presentation Trainer Lisa EliaWhen we begin working together, we gain a clear understanding of your goals, brand and key messages and train each client based on what will be most effective for you. This is true even when working with multiple individuals from the same organization. People don’t all think or learn the same way, so why would our training be the same for everyone?

With an understanding of how vulnerable even the most accomplished people can feel during the training process, our approach is gentle and positive, yet challenges clients to become the most effective and magnetic interviewees or presenters they can be.

Clients are often surprised by how much and how quickly their communication is elevated through our training process. The benefits of our training affect many areas of our clients’ lives that extend far beyond the moments in the spotlight, improving their effectiveness when communicating with their team members, clients and others.

Our clients emerge from the training with greater confidence, clarity and the ability to communicate naturally and charismatically.

Who We Serve



Subject Matter Experts


Singers & Musicians

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How to Choose the Right Trainer

Experience – Does the trainer have relevant experience?

Philosophy – Does the trainer’s philosophy on communication match up with yours?

Tone – Will the trainer’s tone be effective with you or the people who will be trained?

Watch the video for more details.

Expert Media Training® is registered with several government agencies as a woman-owned business and small business and is qualified to act as a government contractor or subcontractor. The firm is certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and a Community Business Enterprise (CBE), certified by the County of Los Angeles.

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