Five Tips to Make the Most of Media Interviews, Presentations and Panels

Five Tips to Make the Most of Media Interviews, Presentations and Panels

 1. Know what drives your audience at any given time; pain avoidance or aspiration.

Some people are more motivated to avoid pain, thus the “speak to their pain points” advice that has proliferated on the Internet for the past decade. Others are more motivated by their aspirations or ideals. Most people’s motivations can vacillate between pain avoidance and aspiration, depending on the matter at hand. READ MORE

How to Commit to Your Word and Yourself – Advice from a Media Trainer and Communication Expert

Committing to Your Word and Yourself - blog post by Media Trainer and Communication Expert Lisa Elia

Much is said about committing to your word in business. It’s always been important and has become increasingly so in today’s transparent world.

While most of want to keep our word every day, we sometimes set ourselves up for failure by promising too much, too soon. When working with the media or clients, your word is everything!

Committing to your word:

If a new project or opportunity comes along, think about whether or not you really want to do it. If you don’t, you’ll have trouble sticking with it and honoring your commitments. If you don’t light up at the thought of taking on a project, let it go and leave room and time for the things that will. My experience in my PR firm has been that when we pass on what’s not right for us and refer those people to other PR firms, great new clients appear. READ MORE

Present yourself as vital and ever evolving.

LE-quote-Present-yourself-as-vital“Present yourself as vital and ever evolving, and people will be magnetized to you.”

When I wrote these words, I was in deep thought about the qualities and actions that attract people, in preparation for the free teleseminar that I held last year.

When people show that they are continuously evolving, they capture the attention of others. Businesses are the same because, after all, businesses are the creations of people. READ MORE

Free Teleseminar: From Mission to Magnetizing

Free Teleseminar: From Mission to Magnetizing

From Mission to Magnetizing: Free Teleseminar

At one point or another, most people who strive to achieve great success in business, the entertainment industry, philanthropy, or almost any field, want to the point where they magnetize all that they want to attract.


In my work with heads of major companies and very wealthy entrepreneurs, and when studying people and companies that have thrived, I found that there are specific actions and philosophies that they have in common, and they build their fortunes on a strong foundation, but there are 3 very important steps that they take once they have the mission is set.

Should You Write a Letter to the Editor? Advice from a PR Expert and Media Trainer

Letters to the editor: should you or shouldn't you? From PR Expert and Media Trainer Lisa Elia

Are you asking yourself, “should I write a letter to the editor?”

If you want to be seen as a thought leader, one good way to gain visibility is to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper or other print media outlets, in the hopes of it being published, of course.

Letters to the editor are generally meant to be in response to something that a media outlet has published.

People write letters to the editor in order to express opinions in support of, or in opposition to, an article that was published in the editor’s media outlet. Some people write letters to the editor to expand upon information that was shared within an article that the outlet published. READ MORE

Media Trainer Shares Message Delivery Lessons Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tips on How to Deliver a Powerful Message from a Media Trainer

Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the course of history, not only in the U.S., but around the world. His words of inspiration and powerful speeches are still shared on a daily basis, quite often by people who were not even around when he was alive, because he knew how to deliver a powerful message.

What makes Martin Luther King, Jr. so quotable and memorable is a combination of the content of his speeches, his vocal style and his body language.

Anyone who is trying to create an impact in the world can learn from this man, but you must do it in your own way. While many might argue that the world needs more people just like Martin Luther King, Jr., the world also needs people just like you. READ MORE

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