Social Media Tips to Create Relationships with the Press

Do you need social media tips that will help you to create relationships with the press?

Social media tips to create relationships with the press post by Los Angeles Media Trainer Lisa Elia, of Expert Media Training™, serving Los Angeles and clients worldwide

Use these social media tips, from a PR Expert and Media Trainer, to get on the press’ radar.

If there are certain bloggers or media personalities who you think would be interested in you, your company, products or services, search for them and follow them on social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Members of the media sometimes post queries on social media sites, or they may see what you are working on and contact you to interview you.

Here are a few social media tips that can help you to get started:

You can follow specific writers, producers and departments of your favorite media outlets like The New York Times Health Section, Fortune Magazine, Today Show 4th-hour hosts Kathie L. Gifford and Hoda Kotb. Make them aware of you by commenting on, or sharing, their articles, tips or segments. Be sure to the outlets or content creators so they see that you shared their content. If you add an insightful comment, this can help capture their attention, too. READ MORE

Ten Great Things You Can Do with Press Placements, Once You Get Them

Eric Clapton sang, “It’s in the way that you use it.” While this applies to many things, it certainly applies to what you do with press placements.

InStyle press clip on Ten Great Things You Can Do with Press Placements, Once You Get Them, blog post by Los Angeles Media Trainer Lisa EliaOne of the best things about getting press coverage is that you can use it to help your business in a multitude of ways. Certainly, good press placements can help new clients and buyers find you, so you can experience an immediate burst in sales. However, there’s so much more that you can do to maximize every placement you get.

Being featured in respected media outlets raises your esteem in the eyes of most people because they know that most reputable TV shows, radio shows, newspapers, magazines and web sites will conduct some research before interviewing someone. So, if you’re featured as an expert or your product is selected for inclusion in a magazine, you’re getting a third-party endorsement from the media, who are thought to be “in the know.”

To learn how to use press placements, once you get them, read on.

Ten Great Things To Do with Press Placements

1. Post a scan of the print article or a video or audio clip in your online press room. If you don’t have an online press room yet, I highly recommend creating one, especially if you want more press. READ MORE

Watch Your Mouth (and Your Keyboard), Communication Tips from an Expert

Watch Your Mouth (and Your Keyboard), Communication Tips from an Expert Media Trainer

Authenticity and honesty are integral to creating a strong business and brand. However, this does not mean you must divulge everything about your business, nor should you.

During economic downturns, I’ve heard business owners and entrepreneurs complain about how hard it is and how tough business had become. While people need to vent and express themselves, it’s important to consider several things before you open your mouth or hit your keyboard.

Ask yourself these questions before you speak negatively:

• What is the purpose of this communication? READ MORE

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