What does it mean to have influence?

What is Influence? blog post from Los Angeles Media Trainer Lisa Elia

Influence is not controlling, nor is it pushy.

To have influence with others, you have usually earned it through your experience, integrity, knowledge and willingness to share your wisdom.

When you are influential, you communicate in a way that makes people want to listen to you. This comes through in your body language, your written communication and your speech.

You have influence because you have a sense of maturity about you, and this doesn’t mean you’re any certain age. You could be 20 and still have the maturity to lead others.

To influence others, you show others that you’re enjoying your life. People want what you’re having.

You have the ability to get things done, and this is why people listen to you.

You are focused and on a mission to create the life you want and to help others create the lives they want.

You know that to make great changes, you want to reach more people with your message and your creations.

My challenge to you is this: list 3 things you can do over the next 3 days to increase your influence.

Here are some ideas:

1. Share more tips and/or inspirational thoughts on social media.

2. Look for new groups to join on social media and join the conversation.

3. Think of 5 new important messages you want to share.

4. Add a press room and/or speaking room to your website.

5. Offer to speak at a gathering where people need your information or would want to learn about your product.

6. Look at HARO leads and submit yourself to be considered for media interviews with some of the journalists and TV and radio producers who have posted queries.

7. Create some videos in which you share tips or product information and post them on several video distribution sites, your social media networks and your website.

Please feel free to share what you intend to do, or come back in a few days and share what you’ve done, to have greater influence.

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