Letters to the editor: should you or shouldn't you? From PR Expert and Media Trainer Lisa Elia

Are you asking yourself, “should I write a letter to the editor?”

If you want to be seen as a thought leader, one good way to gain visibility is to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper or other print media outlets, in the hopes of it being published, of course.

Letters to the editor are generally meant to be in response to something that a media outlet has published.

People write letters to the editor in order to express opinions in support of, or in opposition to, an article that was published in the editor’s media outlet. Some people write letters to the editor to expand upon information that was shared within an article that the outlet published.

Here are some considerations to help you determine whether or not writing a letter to the editor is a good strategy for you:

Who are the readers of the publication? Are they members of your target audience?

Is the publication prestigious? If so, even if the readers are not in your target audience, a published letter to the editor could be something impressive to add to your press kit and website.

Do you feel strongly about something that was published in the media outlet? If you have a strong opinion, writing about it will be much easier than if you’re solely out to get published.

Do you have expertise or experience that relates to the topic in the article about which you plan to write the letter? If so, establish your credibility by sharing a concise summary of your background. If you hold degrees or certifications or if you have a significant amount of experience in a field that relates to the topic, be sure to emphasize this. This can greatly increase your chances of having your letter published.

Would you be able to handle negative comments or criticism in response to your letter, if it is published? Opinions are like noses: everyone has one. If you want to share yours, know that others may disagree, and they may not always be polite about it.

As with any strategy, consider your resources of time and energy and the potential return on investment of your time and energy.

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