Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Media Interviews

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Media Interviews, from Los Angeles Media Trainer Lisa Elia

As a media trainer, I have found that there are a few mistakes that are most commonly made in media interviews or in regard to media training and preparation.

These are the top five mistakes to avoid in media interviews.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Media Interviews from Los Angeles Media Trainer Lisa Elia of Expert Media Training™MISTAKE # 1. Assuming you’re “a natural” because you’re a good public speaker or you’re good at making your own promotional videos.

When you control the situation, such as when you’re making your own videos or you have the floor as a speaker, it’s much easier to shine. When you have the pressure of answering questions quickly with cameras on you or a live audience listening in, it can be much more challenging and can fluster even the most confident people. Don’t assume; prepare.

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MISTAKE # 2. Providing long, meandering answers to questions.

Many TV and radio interviews are very brief, lasting just a few minutes. So, you must provide brief, meaningful responses to questions. Brevity is important in print interviews, too. Make it easy for interviewers to capture what’s important without having to sift through too much babbling by speaking in sound short sound bites.

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MISTAKE # 3. Not doing your research about the media outlet and its audience.

The more you understand the media outlet you’re being interviewed for, the better able you will be to communicate with the interviewer or host appropriately and provide examples or anecdotes that suit the outlet’s audience.

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MISTAKE #4. Trying to be funny when you’re not.

Not everyone has the gift of good comedic delivery. While humor is welcomed in many interviews, don’t try to force it because it won’t come off well.

MISTAKE #5. A lack of awareness of the camera.

You can’t just BE on camera and forget about, although the most polished show hosts and guests make it look that way.

Los Angeles-based Media Trainer and Presentation Trainer Lisa Elia, Founder of Expert Media Training™ in Los Angeles and serving clients worldwide

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