Tips for Being a Great Podcast Guest

Tips for Being a Great Podcast Guest

Productive Passions featured an interview with Lisa Elia on March 8, 2024.I had the pleasure of being a guest on Christy Tagye’s podcast, Productive Passions. We talked about many aspects of communication and public speaking and the importance of shifting your mindset to set you up for success and greater inner peace as a speaker and in other aspects of your life, and more.

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If you’re going to be interviewed for a podcast, here are a few quick tips.

1. When you book the podcast, ask if there are some topics or questions that the host wants to cover. Even if you are provided with questions or topics, know that podcasts can move in a lot of directions, so be ready to talk about a variety of topics.

2. Listen to the podcast to get a feel for the interviewer’s style, the format and tone of the show, and the types of questions the interviewer asks. Some podcast hosts or their producers hold pre-calls to connect with their guests and talk about what they will discuss, but not everyone does this. Listening to several episodes of the podcast and researching the host will help you to feel like you already know them. This is the same advice I give people who are preparing for media interviews.

3. Consider who the audience is and what you want to share that will engage them or help them. Use words and phrases they will understand. If you’re addressing an audience within your industry or that’s on the same level as you in terms of business, you can use more sophisticated language and industry terms. If not, simplify your language and define terms that might be unfamiliar to them.

4. Know that podcasts generally have a more conversational, free-flowing cadence than most news interviews. You should prepare and rehearse responding to questions and speaking about your work and the ideas and stories you want to share, not aiming for verbatim memorization.

5. Don’t get too attached to your content. You might not have the opportunity to share everything you had hoped or planned to. Make peace with that.

6. When the podcast is released, share it with your network. Podcast hosts appreciate that, and this could make other podcast hosts more interested in working with you.

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Lisa Elia, Media Trainer, Presentation Trainer, and Communication Expert, and Founder of Expert Media TrainingThis post was written by Lisa Elia, a media trainer, presentation trainer, pitch coach, communication expert, and speaker. She trains clients around the world for media interviews, speeches, internal and external presentations, panels, investor presentations, and promotional videos, and provides executive and team communication coaching.

With more than 25 years of experience, Lisa has prepared clients for interviews with TODAY, GMA, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, ESPN, and hundreds of other outlets. Lisa has shared her expertise with national media outlets that include Inc., Entertainment Tonight, E!, and many others. Clients include entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between as well as athletes, celebrities, and other public figures.


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