Media Interview Tips for Entertainers, Actors, Music Artists and Performers - from a Los Angeles Media Trainer Lisa Elia, of Expert Media Training™ in Los Angeles and worldwideWhen members of the media book an interview with an entertainer, they expect someone to walk in the door prepared and ready to be entertaining. Many interviewers will assume that all actors and music artists love to be on camera or in the limelight, but what some do not realize is that many performers simply want to do what they love.

Actors, music artists and other entertainers should be prepared for media interviews and public appearances with proper training so they deliver the information that will interest their fans and engage people in their projects, feel confident and exude great energy, while maintaining their boundaries about what they do/don’t wish to share.

If you represent actors, music artists or others in the entertainment industry, having your clients prepared with media training will ensure that they deliver their best in interviews and that you will maintain great relationships with your media contacts.

Media interview tip for entertainers #1:

This is what members of the media expect guests from the entertainment industry to bring to media interviews:

• personality
• to hear about the interviewee’s projects and passions (causes, fashion, family, etc.)
• insider information (what went on at a recent recording session or shoot, the artist’s inspirations)
• entertaining stories and anecdotes
• and, in some cases, to reveal things that no one knows

Media interview tip for entertainers #2:

Members of the media want guests who are:

• interesting
• able to express themselves well
• easy to work with
• able to present themselves and their ideas smoothly
• approachable
• appealing to the audience
• punctual
• respectful
• professional
• and aware of the media outlet’s audience and format

Media interview tip for entertainers #3:

To get the most from the sessions you arrange to provide media training for entertainers or actors, or media training for music artists, be sure to provide the media trainer with the facts surrounding the client’s projects and potentially sensitive issues that might arise.

When providing media training for entertainers, or any other type of client, we begin with a strategy session with the actor or artist and/or with his or her team members. We know how important every interview is, especially now that every word can live on indefinitely through social media.

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