Being a contributing writer or editor for a major media outlet, like The Huffington Post or, can do a lot to increase your visibility and to establish you as a thought leader. While thousands of people submit themselves for these positions, there are some things you can do to stack the odds of being accepted in your favor.

How to Become a Contributing Writer or Editor from PR Expert and Media Trainer Lisa Elia

How to become a contributing writer or editor:

1. Be sure to carefully read the submission guidelines, which are usually listed on the media outlet or blog’s website. If you can’t find the guidelines, go to the About Us or Contact Us or FAQs page, and you will probably find them there.

2. Before you submit your information, be sure that the written materials that you have online — on your blog, your website and your social media profiles — represents you well, both in terms of content and writing style.

3. If you need to go back and edit some of your posts to correct typos or grammatical or punctuation errors, do so. Remove anything that detracts from your presentation as a professional writer.

4. Think about what you have to add to the specific outlet for which you want to write.

5. Create a list of topics you can write about and an overarching subject theme.

6. If you have the opportunity to submit a complete blog post, rather than just ideas, do so. It will make it easier for the decision makers to decide whether or not you’re the right fit for the outlet.

7. In the brief bio that you submit, be sure to include what’s most impressive about you, such as your education, impressive clients with whom you have worked, previous press coverage in major media outlets, compelling results that you have achieved or helped others achieve, and other honors and accomplishments.

The online submission process can make becoming a contributing writer seem quick and easy, but some planning and forethought will ensure you have the best shot at getting a “yes!”

I’d love to hear how you do, so keep in touch!

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