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In this free newsletter, Los Angeles-based Media Trainer and Communication Expert Lisa Elia draws upon her more than 20 years as a media trainer, PR and communication expert and business strategist, to provide tips for public speaking, media interview tips, and tips on how to deliver great presentations.


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Register for the Prepare, Polish Prosper: Media Training and Presentation Tips from a Pro newsletter from Los Angeles Media Trainer Lisa Elia, of Expert Media Training™, Los Angeles.⇒ communicate as effectively as possible in all situations;

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This newsletter will not be delivered to other media trainers and presentation trainers because we won’t participate in the diminishment of professionalism in our industry. We feel that people who are presenting themselves to the world as media trainers and presentation trainers should be educated and experienced and developing their own processes, not simply rehashing what other trainers say or do. Don’t you agree?

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