One-on-one Media Training

One-on-one Media Training

Many clients come to Expert Media Training seeking private, one-on-one media training, which is how we conduct many of our training sessions.

There are many reasons people may prefer private training:

Many people are simply too busy to sit through training sessions with others. They want the undivided attention of the media trainer, so one-on-one media training is the best solution for them.

Some people don’t feel comfortable practicing a new skill in front of others, be they peers, their higher-ups, or their employees. In cases like this, individual training is a better choice than group training.

When a client has an interview that has arisen quickly, and he or she needs focused and expedited training, individual training is the best option.

If you are booking media training sessions for your clients, co-workers, or executive team, and you’re not sure if one-on-one media training or group training sessions would be the best solution, here are some things to consider:

1. How much time can the person or people being trained devote to the media training sessions?

2. Are there sensitive topics that could arise that may be better handled in a private training situation?

3. Are there some aspects of the media training that should be shared with everyone simultaneously, even if the on-camera portion is conducted through private training sessions? (This can be applicable when there are company-wide or team-wide messages that everyone should deliver consistently.)

4. If you are considering group training sessions, are there times when all the participants can be available simultaneously, or would individual training better suit each participant’s schedule?

To inquire about our one-on-one media training sessions or group media training sessions, contact us at 310-479-0217 or via email at [email protected]


Los Angeles Media Trainer provides one-on-one media training in Los Angeles and worldwide.Media training and presentation training provided by Expert Media Training™

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