Confident and Clear Communication Program, created by Lisa Elia, Founder and Lead Trainer at Expert Media Training.


Lisa Elia, Founder & Lead Media Trainer & Presentation Trainer at Expert Media Training™ and author of top-ranking public speaking blog

Small shifts in your communication can create major changes in your life, both personally and professionally.

I created the Confident and Clear Communication program to provide a simple path for anyone who wants to communicate with greater confidence, power and clarity in any situation.

~ Lisa Elia, Communication Expert, Media Trainer and Presentation Trainer



With the Confident and Clear Communication program, I share with you…

⇒ specific techniques to read body language more effectively;

⇒ how to eliminate that “negative self-talk” that undermines you;

⇒ a three-minute ritual to calm your nerves before any presentation;

⇒ 3 things you can do to come across more powerfully in any situation;

⇒ why replacing criticism with compassion will change your life, and how to do it;

⇒ and much more.

This program can enable you to…

Confident and Clear Communication is a program created by Media Trainer and Presentation Trainer Lisa Elia.⇒ Feel more confident in any situation.

⇒ Exude greater dynamism and openness.

⇒ Approach delicate situations with sensitivity and clarity.

⇒ Become a better presenter, public speaker and/or interviewee.

⇒ Express yourself clearly and eloquently, orally and in written communications.

⇒ And uncover the roots of any communication patterns that don’t serve you, so you can transform them.


This is how you will receive the training…

10 Audio Recordings

Woman listening to audio on Confident and Clear page of Expert Media Training™, Los Angeles siteYou will receive 10 audio recordings that are approximately 20-30 minutes each, focusing on one important communication topic per recording.

10 Action Guides

To help you put what you learn in the audio recordings into action, you receive an action guide to accompany each one.

If you want to take the work deeper, the action guides contain additional questions to ask yourself to gain greater clarity on how you developed your communication patterns, because awareness is the first step in any transformation.

Communication Style Questionnaire

The “Communication Style Questionnaire” will allow you to see how your communication style may vary from situation to situation, and relationship to relationship.

This valuable information will enable you to identify negative communication patterns that may be holding you back and why you may feel greater harmony in some relationships or areas of your life than others.

Presenting Excellence: Public Speaking Tips Booklet

Presenting Excellence booklet, created by Los Angeles Media Trainer and Presentation Trainer Lisa Elia“Presenting Excellence” is a booklet filled with tips for presenting brilliantly in meetings or from the stage. I created this document from the documents I give to clients after their training sessions.

Even if you’re not a public speaker, there are tips in this document that will be helpful to you, especially if you tend to get nervous before attending parties or events.



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About Lisa Elia, the creator of the Confident and Clear Communication program

Lisa Elia is a media trainer and presentation trainer known to many who have seen her sharing her expertise on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, E! Entertainment, or in Inc. or numerous other media outlets.

Media outlets that have featured Lisa Elia

Lisa built her brand over the past 20 years as a media trainer and PR expert through the successes she created for clients, taking those who were unknown or who had very little prior press coverage, and catapulting them into the national spotlight with appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CNN and other top national TV shows, as well as print and radio interviews with Clear Channel Radio, USA Today, People, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, and hundreds of other outlets.

Expert Media training has trained clients for interviews with major media outlets that include Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, TIME, Clear Channel Radio and many other outlets.

To read testimonials about Lisa’s work, click here.


We are changing our payment processor. Please contact us to purchase this product.


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