Committing to the Moment

Man Preparing“Committing to the moment” is something almost any acting student hears over and over. However, anyone who speaks publicly or who is interviewed by the media can also benefit from creating a practice to help them commit to the moment.

Ideally, in any interview or presentation situation, you want to be completely engaged. The moment you stop listening or being fully present, even for a nanosecond, you risk missing an important point or not answering a question as eloquently as you’d like.

When you are truly committed to the moment, with the understanding that every time you are being interviewed by the media or speaking to a group that is your only opportunity to reach your audience with your message at that precise time in history, you will be effective and you will have few regrets.

The ability to commit to the moment generally comes from your habits and preparation. Consider the following:

How do you clear your head and focus on the interview or presentation, without allowing your mind to wander on to other matters awaiting you at the office or elsewhere?

Do you have a ritual to help you shift your attention from whatever you were doing prior to an interview and onto the interview itself?

Do you maintain daily habits that keep your mind sharp and your energy up?

I recommend practicing being fully committed to the moment during situations where the stakes are not very high, such as a casual staff meeting or even when you’re walking down the street or buying a latte. If you’re generally a multi-tasker, it may take some concentrated effort to really listen and connect with the barista or to notice the sights, sounds and smells around you. Doing this on a regular basis will help you become more aware of the sensation of being fully present.

If you have any rituals, experiences or comments you’d like to share, please post them below. We’d love to hear from you.


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Lisa Elia, Media Trainer and CEO of Expert Media Training


This post was written by Lisa Elia, a media trainer and communication and PR expert, and the founder and CEO of Expert Media Training and Elia Erickson Consulting. Lisa trains clients for media interviews and presentations, and she provides PR and business consulting and coaching. Lisa Elia has been interviewed and shared her expertise with national media outlets that include Inc. Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, E! Entertainment, Fox News, and many others.
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